Christian Schwarz

Christian Schwarz


At the age of 15 i was getting in touch with Photography, taking analog pictures with his Canon AE1 Program, mostly landscapes. After a some years of photographic abstinence i got my first Digicam and took pictures of Nature, Persons, Street, Nude and so on , but i was more an Artist then a Photographer. The first digicams were not as fast as today, so i was trying to use this slowlyness to take pictures with available light and paint with it. As an autodidact i want to know more about taking pictures, more about light, more about how to take pics from persons, architecture, nature and other stuff. After a bunch of cameras, i found my cam, a Nikon D300s. At present i am working as a Photographer, always expanding my knowledge and experience.

I look forward to hear from you

best regards Christian Schwarz